Revenue Management

AR Management & Collections

Management Care = Healthier Bottom Line.

Just as the ideal doctor combines great experience with current knowledge, SP Medical Billing Services brings a substantial track record and modern technology into medical accounts receivable; diagnosing problem areas and providing solutions.

We take care of all AR management functions such as following-up on unpaid claims, filing appeals, assessing insurance low pays, managing unapplied balances, managing refunds and processing patient statements and delinquency letters.

Persistent Follow-up Keeps Constant Revenue.

SPMBS’s system of regular contacts with private insurance carriers, patients, attorney payers and government insurers  would yield faster results. We don’t stop until the claim is brought to a resolution.

We focus on:

  • Collecting full payment on all submitted claims
  • Increasing payment on underpaid claims
  • Pursuing small dollar secondary claims
  • Resolving denials and resubmitting claims
  • Negotiating and setting up payment plans

Five reasons to choose us

  1. Immediate capacity – we handle billing functions of all size practices.
  2. Industry leader – with over 15 years of experience, SPMBS keeps both providers and patients elated.
  3. Flexible partnerships – whether you need full CBO services or help with a specific project
  4. Faster turnaround – in every stage of the billing process, from 24 hour claims submission to decreased AR cycles
  5. Competitive pricing – with our incentivizing structure, you pay based on a percentage of collections.